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I made a note of it: "In a normal female bird only the left ovary is active.

Due to infections or other problems, this ovary may cease to function.

As the chicks get older, some of them will test her and if they "win" (usually this is just mock fighting), she will stop behaving this way.

The chances that she is a hermaphrodite is very rare.

Now, you might be asking why your other hens didn't do it, but dominant birds don't always do everything that a rooster would do.

Crowing is the least common, usually they just stand watch more, eat less, stop laying eggs, lead the group to new grazing areas, and mount other chickens.

The hen may not be morphologically shifting to a biologically male state, but because she's the largest, most fecund, or otherwise most "dominant" individual, she may be functioning in a more "masculine" role. She's still just crowing a few times in the morning before I let her out, and then quiet.

She is still a good layer so all is well here :)I think I read this in an earlier thread .

Moreover, no analogous in-universe term has ever been introduced.This can take many forms although I've never had one crow as excessively as your hen seems to be doing.Since the former dominant birds are not there, she is taking their place, although for her, she's not only acting as the sentinel, she's actually calling to the other area chickens and filling the roosters spot.Her appearance is that of a hen although she's taller and has bigger feet than her sibling hens, but no spurs, and has been less friendly and more flighty and was at the bottom of the pecking order (discrimination? Sonya has not bonded with the young chicks - avoids them, seemed depressed, and after 2 days of making occasional sounds like a young rooster learning to crow, she's crowing full blast as I write this at am. large animals, you can never let them get over on you. There's something you can make or get called a 'crow strap' or 'crow collar'.I live in a city that does not allow roosters and Sonya is my only layer at this point....aaarrrrggghhhh! when a alpha is removed or gets weak, everybody else rearranges and new alpha/betas emerge. So go out and have a talk with Sonya and tell her that you are the boss and you say no crowing. Once a horse or cow or even goat pushes you around, you can have a devil of a time getting authority back. It is put on the chicken's neck and set so it constricts their throat slightly. I've never used one, but sometimes urban chicken keepers will resort to them for the sanity of their neighbors.

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